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   Bob Wheeler
   on 3/5/2012 said
   G'day mate, your amazing

   on 2/20/2012 said

   Gill Tee the Clown
   on 10/30/2011 said
   Hey Gumdrop, I really like your site. I just started doing the clown thing a year ago and enjoy it very much. I've only done the fall festival at my church a couple times and want to start doing kid's parties. I dot't have any formal clown education but I have been naturally silly forever. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

   Konnie Kowgirl
   on 10/11/2011 said
   I am a new clown, thank you for sharing your site!

   little kenny the clown
   on 9/27/2011 said
   went to my first clown fest 2011 nj was the greatest time glad to be back.we are all one of a kind so lets keep up the smiles so we can go miles ken

   on 9/12/2011 said
   gumdrop you are a very funny clown i spent 2 weeks sitting on the computer because i need somejokes for my book week parade at school thanks for your funny and sarcastic jokes my god where did you get these jokes from did u make them up or did u copy i dont think you copied love always yasmine

   Allison, Jared, and Cheyenne Rayon
   on 9/2/2011 said
   hey mawmaw we love your site!!! And we love you so much !!! we cant wait till Cheyennes first birthday :)

   skler lindsey
   on 5/31/2011 said
   i like you web site mawmaw

   Craine Walters
   on 5/19/2011 said
   EMMETT KELLY would come to Worcester memorial Hospitalís childrenís ward and make us laugh. I remember he would sit by my bedside waiting for me to wake up after surgery. He was a special human being. Thank You

   on 5/6/2011 said

   Dr Chick N Pox
   on 4/26/2011 said
   Iam a clown doctor who entertains at hospitals . Bump a nose Keep clowning alive

   on 4/11/2011 said
   Hi - I am certainly delighted to find this. great job!

   Star the clown
   on 2/24/2011 said
   you are the best good example I am only CLOWNING IS GREAT

   on 12/20/2009 said
   Silly......You can not buy a unicorn. They are free and live with the pixies.

   on 12/17/2009 said
   ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

   Jim "Bo-Willum" Ponsford
   on 6/3/2009 said
   Hi Gumdrop, I have been a clown for about thirty years, and for the past ten or so, a teacher for the San Diego All Star Clown club's annual Clownology classes. Sites like yours are the best for new Joey's, or 1st of May's to study and really find out Who, What and how they will become if they stick with it. Thank you!!! Bo-Willum

   Sophie Kuzara
   on 4/26/2009 said
   I'm writing an essay on the history of the clown. Thank you for all the info!

   on 4/24/2009 said
   thanx Gumdrop, i'm writing a report on clowns, what i have learned so far is awesome. thanx for the history!

   diana joy guinto
   on 11/18/2008 said
   your Gumdrop totally rock and you also gave me the right answer thats why i got perfect in my assignment so i thank your website you totally ROCK YO....

   on 11/10/2008 said
   hey thanks for giving me the inspiration to become a clown as a sideline job I look forward to getting more info from the site.

   on 11/5/2008 said
   Thanks for sharing your great jokes! I am a new clown and have a job at church on Saturday and need a little humor....hope you don't mind if I use a few of your ideas!! You have a great web-site!! Mary Lou LaPlaunt, St. Charles, MO

   Nigel from New Zealand (working as PuzzleTheClown)
   on 9/26/2008 said
   Hi Gumdrop. I'd like to nominate a couple more clowns for your list of Famous Clowns: Grock, who was known as King of Clowns about 50 years ago, and Oleg Popov who worked with the Moscow Circus. (Both of them used music in their acts.) Cheers, Nigel from New Zealand

   Sandi "Rosebud" Christie
   on 9/9/2008 said
   Thanks for all the history. I really appreciate all your information. Thanks for sharing.

   on 8/6/2008 said
   Thanks so much for the great info! I am going to use all of the jokes and info for clown week! Thanks again

   on 6/3/2008 said
   the jokes are hillarios just one thing are you small,round and covered with sour sugar ha get it cause gumdrops are small,rond ok jk jk jk just kidding.

   June Mundine -541-324-1336
   on 5/23/2008 said
   I now live in Eagle Point .Oregon . Love it here . Love all your pages ,

   david bickell
   on 5/8/2008 said
    i iam going to start a clown club at the longmont co. moose to make sick kids happy , to do good for some one

   on 4/30/2008 said
   i love your website i was doing a clown assignment for school and i got all the info i needed here but the problem was i kept getting distracted by all the cool stuff on the website.

   Gloria Viruet
   on 4/12/2008 said
   Enjoyed your site. I am also a clown. Love to make people laugh. Peace and God Bless.

   Sloopy Da Clown
   on 2/2/2008 said
   Enjoyed the site, especially the history page. What a great treasure trove for the kids of all ages to enjoy. If you ever get near Walterboro, SC come and see me....for a laugh!

   Cotton Burr
   on 12/2/2007 said
    Howdy and Merry Cristmas. Thanks for the little write up on me as a yougen. I really like you site. thanks again Patick Burden aka cotton burr!

   on 9/12/2007 said
   Hello Gumdrop! My name is Buster. I just started clowing in Charlotte, North Carolina. Your website is helpful and you look great. Enjoy your day!

   St. Raphael of Brooklyn Orthodox Church-Detroit
   on 8/24/2007 said
   We loved having you at our parish picnic and fun festival, Gumdrop! Thanks so much for coming to see our kids and kids-at-heart!!

   david guest
   on 8/9/2007 said
   just thinking of everyone , Wanted to say hi

   Miss Sue
   on 7/26/2007 said
   I love your website...I was able to get a lot of great information off it for my clown around week! Thanks so much!

   thomas adams
   on 6/22/2007 said
   Hello gumdrop, I saw the smiles of kids at the ford arena, 2007. would you contact me at ~topic_ new clown s.e.texas please.

   on 5/17/2007 said
   Hey Gumdrop, i am doing a clowning assignment for drama at school!! i have chosen you to be my famous clown to write about!! we have to do a clown performance our selves and my name is fufi the clown!! ur website has helped me in my assignment so much!! keep up the good work!!

   Poppi "T" Clown
   on 5/5/2007 said
   Bump a Nose and as "Willy from Philly always said "I Love Being a Clown"

   katherine obrien
   on 2/4/2007 said
   hi gumdrop this is katherine thank you for coming to my 6th birthday party. i cant wait to see you and patches. i wish you can come again soon. bye

   Choo-Choo The Clown
   on 1/20/2007 said
   Hey, Gumdrop I like your site. I have a presentation on clown history to do and while gathering information, I noticed your site. Knew you had a site but this was my first time to see it. Your a great clown and great person. I will see you at an alley meeting.

   Allen Little
   on 12/31/2006 said
   This is one of the best sites I have found and I would very much like to share your link with others. I am an ancient clown from way down under in Kiwiland.

   on 12/23/2006 said

   on 11/1/2006 said
   Your site had gread information for me becoming a new clown!! Thanks

   on 10/4/2006 said
   Hi Gumdrop! Hope you had a wonderful Birthday. Been busy clowning around, I hear!! Ha Ha.... Love you very much, talk to you soon.

   on 10/2/2006 said
   Thanks for the comment. You have a cool website. Keep it funny! Jared

   Jessica Lehman
   on 7/23/2006 said
   Hey Gumdrop. Well I would love to have you at one of my parties, If you want to email me at

   Amy Holmes
   on 7/4/2006 said
   Had a great time talking to you the other day. Just checking out the site. It's been a while. Well... Love Ya Aunt Gumdrop. Talk to you soon. xoxoxoxo

   on 6/25/2006 said
   Great web site

   on 6/13/2006 said
   gumdrop is a good but weird game

   Mary Greeley/ Sutton
   on 6/12/2006 said
   Emit Kelly is a relation of mine (through marriage) Humor runs in our fammily. I never claimed to be normal. I always said if I made someone laugh then my purpose was fullfilled. LOL

   "Patches" & "BlingBling" the Clown
   on 5/16/2006 said
   It was so good to finally meet you at the Alley meeting the other night. Now I can see for myself why you are so well liked, as I have heard so many nice things about you over the years from many of your fellow clowns. Look forward to spending some time together as this newbee could sure use some new lessons in clowning. I still have so much to learn and could use any help you are willing to share. Thanks for being you and God Bless. Bump a nose.

   on 5/12/2006 said
   Hi! I think clowns are funny, that's why I'm learning to become one. Thanks for making people laugh.

   on 5/7/2006 said
   i had fun at my party how did u do that magic trick

   \\// Casey \\//
   on 3/18/2006 said
   Hey hey!! guess what... its your most favoret person in paris... i just wanted to stop in and say hey to my favoret aunt... i really miss you. cant wait till next time you come in, or we come there. it would be way fun if we came there and went to the beach, i love the beach!! well really sleepy so i guess i'll go. i love you lots!! (even more then the beach lol...) talk to you soon!! love always. Casey

   Janie McDowell
   on 3/16/2006 said
   Hi Gumdrop, Duncan and I enjoyed meeting you at the Clown Ally meeting the other night. You were so friendly and helpful to us. We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you again. I love your website!

   Mary Crawford
   on 3/16/2006 said
   I enjoyed your website. My grandchildren loved all the jokes and riddles. Thanks

   pershanty hallywell
   on 6/2/2005 said

   Becky Estros
   on 3/22/2005 said
   Hi!!!! my email is and my mobile is 210-216-1396 It was so good to talk to you and Gene. Glad everyone is pretty much ok! So happy you found Rodney - so unbelievable what you can find on the internet! Well take good care - email sometime - Becky

   on 2/6/2005 said
   Hi Gumdrop, just wanted say hi and that I see where your daughter Elizabeth gets all her good qualitys from. She is a wonderful person and I like her a lot...judging from your guess book your a well liked person...your doing a good thing here making people smile...anyway thank you for bring Elizabeth to us becasuse she makes me smile every time I see her or here her voice. The world needs more people like you.

   on 2/5/2005 said
   hey mom guess what i love you with all my heart you are the best mom in this world i am not just saying that because you are my mom i am saying that because you are such a wonderfull person not only to your family but to every person you have ever met i love you more than i could ever say on paper

   on 12/15/2004 said

   Vicky Flanagan
   on 10/13/2004 said
   Good Morning Gumdrop, Smashing site you have and I enjoyed my visit, your section on clown history is very very interesting. Maybe you would like to consider exchanging links with my site, just pop over to If you would like to exchange let me know as I am sure that many of my visitors would love your site. regards Vicky

   purdy the clown
   on 10/4/2004 said
   This is a fantastic site.I myself was sick today and so I came here and feel like I can do anything.Sure wish I had your experience.Im a new clown and fear I wont make a child smileGod bless for all you do.ty Gumdrop

   on 9/4/2004 said
    ilove you

   on 8/27/2004 said

   on 7/14/2004 said
   I love you mom. Great site. See you in a little while. Bye.

   on 5/14/2004 said
   I just wanted to drop in and say HI. Love your joke page!

   Nurse Bandi Aid
   on 3/27/2004 said
    I am still kind of a 'newbie' clown'... but I LOVE all you stuff !!!

   on 3/24/2004 said

   on 3/13/2004 said
   in my last letter i forgot to write something .my grandpa robby rice said to write that you and your husbend were very good frieds

   on 3/13/2004 said
   Hi gumdrop im e mailing you from my grandpas house . his name is robby rice im his grandaughter i really like your web site.

   on 3/13/2004 said
   I like your jokes .I think they are very funny

   dotz the clown and star the clown of syracuse ny
   on 3/7/2004 said
   dear; gumdrop send to dotz the clown and star the clown color photo,s c/o mike schuelke and dara apt 1206 1207 almond st syracuse ny 13210 we love playing clowns but please help;; send color photo,s ask all clwons take care we love ya'' from; dotz and star the clowns of syracuse ny help;; asap all clowns all over the world;; help;;

   on 3/6/2004 said
   hey thaks for every thing exspeshuly about u. Because you are now my clowning around drama project.

   Rainbow the Clown
   on 2/29/2004 said
   Hi Gumdrop! I loved your site, I'm working on mine. Love the music!!

   Krista Costa
   on 9/27/2003 said
   I like the jokes and the puzzles.

   on 9/8/2003 said

   krystian shaw
   on 9/7/2003 said
   hi lollypop the clown i love you

   on 8/6/2003 said
   We love you Gumdrop, you are the best!!

   on 7/16/2003 said
   You are loved by my siblings. You make everyone around here laugh. We had a clowning around party at my mothers work at a public library and the kids saw your picture and just started to laugh with joy.

   Beverly Hogan
   on 7/13/2003 said
   How sweet it was of you to put me on your web page. I am retired and living in Sarasota Florida. As a graduate of Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Clown Collage 1976, I wish you and all your friends, Good luck, and keep smiling

   on 6/22/2003 said
   yo!I dig yo man

   Casey .f. and her friend Chelsea
   on 6/8/2003 said
   Hey ant gumdrop! My friend chelsea wonted to stop by, so here we are! still love you @ your web. so here is hey i love your website it is so cool! I have alway's wanted to meet you.and i am going to get to on vacation (i am going with casey)................................................................bye.......................................................................chelsea ........................................................................................

   on 5/30/2003 said
   Dear Gumdrop, you make the funnyest jokes ever .Some day I would like to be like you.

   Debra Thain
   on 5/6/2003 said
   I really enjoyed your web site. I had a lot of laughs, gotta tell all of my friends. Im around alot of kids all the time and I can't wait to tell em a few of the jokes You so graciously shared with us. Can't wait to wath tere little faces light up. Thanks, Love ya.

   Felisha Thain
   on 4/5/2003 said
   Thank you for the jokes

   on 3/29/2003 said
   oh yea i like ur site i think is really cool i like the jokes that u have. and thanx for the little help u got my report started but like i sed i need more info thanx for everything.

   on 3/29/2003 said
   hello gumdrop i was wondering if u can help me out i have to do a report on famous clowns and i was wondering if u can give me some sites or books that i can relate to.Thanx for ur help my e-mail adress is thanx a bunch

   Sher-B the Clown
   on 3/24/2003 said
   Aloha, A great web page. Thanks for some of the suggestions. Take care keep in touch. My e-mail is

   on 3/24/2003 said
   Hey Gumdrop, loved your website. I am a beginning clown. Do you have any advice 4 me? My e-mail is I would really appreciate the help

   Casey .F.
   on 2/1/2003 said
   Hi Ant wazz wp? Web-site cool GTG Bye

   Christie Davis
   on 1/24/2003 said
   I just happen to find you through another web site, really cool!!!!! I will tell my sister-in-law about this site, she will love it. Keep up the cool site!

   on 1/22/2003 said
   Hey, I wanted to leave my

   Carolyn Martinez
   on 1/22/2003 said
   Hey there, I'll try this again,I finally found your website, congrats, its great. I finally finished the book and I am ready to send it off to the publisher. I am wondering about your graphics as far as the turtledove picures. I tried to contact you today and you are not liste in the phone book. Would you contact me at home so that I can discuss this with you? The phone is 8609817. By the way, the next book is in the works. Any ideas on a pic for a book titled "The Good Doctor"? Thanks , Carolyn

   on 1/22/2003 said
   Hey there,

   Lacy Flag
   on 1/20/2003 said
    Hi i went to and tiped in clowning a-round and found your wedsite and I'm glad i did

   Casey .F.
   on 1/20/2003 said
    Hi Ant Gumdrop Just wonted to tell you I stoped by your wed-sits its great got to go

   Keith Hankins,Sr.
   on 1/15/2003 said
   I like your web page.I think your newest grandson is very beautiful.I'm sure he will grow up to chop down trees just to make pencils so that other little boys named Sammy can draw pitures of clowns and stuff.I also know Sammys big brothers, and I love them too. His brother Nicholas wants to be a fireman, his brother Joseph wants to be stunt man, and his brother Freedom just aint figured out what he wants to do. I think he just wants to be 13 years old. Thats good enough though. I love them all. And their mom too. Thank you for making all the little kids happy. And thank you for somtimes scaring some sense into the mean ones. Happy New Year. K.W.H.

   on 12/4/2002 said
   Very Nice!

   Casey .F.
   on 12/1/2002 said
    Hi ante wazz up? Your web site is sooooo cool

   jackie gallart
   on 11/14/2002 said
   Hello I enjoyed your website sooo much, its so educational just what I was looking for. I homeschool my 3 kids and they are studying clowning, a friend of ours is teaching them they are really excited. If you can suggest any mail order catalogue for kids clown costumes, I would glady appreciate it. Jackie Gallart

   Tammy Salinas
   on 8/27/2002 said
   My husband and I do clowning for children at our church. I was just trying to find some clown acts for him to do . I just assist him in whatever he does. I also enjoyed your page and your jokes. My husband likes to make people laugh as well. If you have any ideas on acts or skits that we can do please e-mail me at Thank you!

   on 7/23/2002 said
   Please e-mail me

   sam da clown
   on 7/16/2002 said
   i need to find some acts to do for a school project any sites u know at all gumdrop.

   on 7/3/2002 said
    i want to be a clown @ the talent show at camp any advice???????????????????????

   new new
   on 6/11/2002 said

   on 1/16/2002 said
   Hi Gumdrop, just dropped by to say hi.

   Amy Wood
   on 8/11/2001 said
   HELLO AUNT GUMDROP! Had to see your new webpage. Looks great. Email me. You know the address. Hope to hear from the GREAT GUMDROP soon.

   Teresa Holmes
   on 7/6/2001 said
   Hi! Gumdrop. Love your site! My big brother told me about it, so I had to check it out. We'll be sending you some pictures of the little ones from Paris. Maybe you can come up sometime and entertain us! Take care.

   on 6/7/2001 said
    just love what you did here i come back all the time and see something new i miss god bless and keep you

   on 6/4/2001 said
   Very nice web page...I have heard many great things about you from Happy...Have a great summer!

   Ryan Gilchrist
   on 5/2/2001 said
   Your web site really looks impressive. Keep up the good work Gumdrop. Doc Gilbo

   June Mundine
   on 4/23/2001 said
   this my second time write to you your page is greater now than is was be for . keep up good work.My home page has change too. here is it . and i can be reach at icq No.73583571

   Steve Garufi
   on 3/25/2001 said
   Uhhhh, very good site. That's all. Steve

   on 3/14/2001 said
   Very cute site. very helpful!!

   on 2/6/2001 said
   You have brighten my day!! Your wonderful site brings big smiles. Thank You. Have a GREAT Day!!

   michael bolton
   on 2/6/2001 said
   keep up the good work!!

   on 11/11/2000 said
   i need to come home its to cold here in pa miss all my friend love your site have a nice day

   david g
   on 10/28/2000 said

   mary holmes
   on 10/4/2000 said
   why do you go to bed? because to bed can not come to you.

   mary holmes
   on 10/4/2000 said
   why do you go to bed? because to bed can not come to you.

   mary holmes
   on 10/4/2000 said
   why do you go to bed? because to bed can not come to you.

   on 9/14/2000 said
   just love your new site.but my is better lol your the bestfrined one could have thanks for all you do for me

   on 9/14/2000 said
   just love your new site.but my is better lol your the bestfrined one could have thanks for all you do for me

   on 9/10/2000 said
   Hey Gumdrop, Wow, you have an awsesome web site. Someday I hope to be high tech just like you. Well gotta go so see ya later. Your friend, Tobby

   Mr. Gumdrop
   on 8/23/2000 said
   Testing your new guest book. It looks good!

   on 6/3/2000 said
   hello gumdrop, you are the best big sister. love lollipop.

   Mr. Gumdrop
   on 4/1/2000 said
   just checking in

   Amy Holmes
   on 7/14/1999 said
   Hello Aunt Gumdrop. I love your page. I liked the jokes alot. Keep on making people smile. You make me smile everyday.

   chatterbox your friend
   on 2/24/1999 said
   hay have you seen all the new stuf i've added to my page. i saw all your new stuff i also added a link to your page too. but i still do'nt know what i'm doing see you later alligator

   on 2/23/1999 said
   just checking out your site from the link on gumdrops page impressive stats you have

   cheerioes da Clown
   on 2/10/1999 said
   Just surfing and what a suprise to find a site from Bmt. We live in Rose City. Would love to get together some time.Please visit my web page at Cheerioes

   June Mundine
   on 2/9/1999 said
   this real nice for Kids to see as well as their mother and dads. People can reach me at 29433841

   Mr. gumdrop
   on 2/7/1999 said
   Testing your page since the move.

   on 5/20/1996 said
   Hi gumdrop

   Tina Reed
   on 5/21/1996 said
   Hello Gumdrop%21

   Rose Ann
   on 5/22/1996 said
   Hi Gumdrop%2C I like your page%21

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   Hi Gumdrop%21 Guess Who%3F Yes it%27s Chatterbox. Talk to you tonight Bye%21%0D%0A

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   Hi Mom

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   See you this weekend--%0D%0ALots to tell you%21

   mugsy the clown
   on 8/9/1996 said
   Hi Gumdrop%2C%0D%0AJust wanted to say hi to a fellow clown.%0D%0AI am half of a clowning Dou- Mugsy and Jingles.%0D%0AWe are also operating a party service%2F store.%0D%0AWe live in Greenwood %2C Nova Scotia%2C Canada.%0D%0ADo you have any tips or ideas y

   mugsy the clown
   on 8/9/1996 said
   Hi %2C just adding one more comment.%0D%0ALoved your credentials%21%211%0D%0Ap.s. here is my email address%3A BYE%21%21%21

   on 9/20/1996 said
   hi%0D%0Athis is a fellow clown. i would like to know if you have%0D%0Aany advise for someone who talks to much.%0D%0AAny help will do at all. %0D%0A Thanks your friend %0D%0A Chatterbox BEAUMONT

   Wally Warwick
   on 9/21/1996 said
   Neat page%21 Thanks for signing in on my guest book. Perhaps %0D%0Ayour visitors may like to visit my page too. My URL to hear from you again some time.

   K.J. Pickens, Jr.
   on 12/19/1996 said
   Hope you have a Merry Christmas%21 Like your page. My nanna brought me here. %0D%0A %28Nanna Rose Ann%29. Do you know Santa%3F Tell him I%27ve been good. Bye for now.

   gail fitzgerald
   on 1/1/1997 said
   si anora

   on 2/28/1997 said

   on 4/7/1997 said
   I really liked your page. The coloring pages are cool I printed out every one of them%3E

   David W. Benefiel
   on 4/17/1997 said
   Brad Ford is an excellant person. He works at Gumdrop Books in Missouri.

   on 4/21/1997 said
   Hi Mom You Are So Cute I Love You So Much%21 Just Whanted To Say Hello.I Really Like Your Page. %0D%0AI Will See You In A Littel While.%0D%0A

   White Clown
   on 5/17/1997 said
   Hi, can you write to me more information about you.My contact: Moniuszki 18.8 31-523 Krakow, PL

   on 9/21/1997 said

   Beebo Doodledat
   on 9/25/1997 said
   Enjoyed your page. Are you in the Texas area%3F Are there clown schools in Texas or nearby that I could attend%3F Thanks alot.%0D%0ABeebo

   Scooter and Friends
   on 9/26/1997 said
   Dear Gumdrops, Cute site and your a doll... I was just SITE SEEING visit our web site at........ Http:// Were from Huntington Beach "Clown"afornia KEEP THE LAUGHTER ALIVE... SCOOTER

   on 10/4/1997 said
   Thank you for the coloring pages.1 I wish I lived in Texas.

   Donna Jaffke Sugar T. Clown
   on 10/16/1997 said
   Hey Gumdrop
I have four children and four grandchildren also.
Watch for my sculptures on Balloon HQ please.

   on 11/4/1997 said
   Hi Gumdrop. I Love You. When will you come see me.

   Kathleen Herbert
   on 12/16/1997 said
   I am trying to start a Clown Business as a clown and was wondering if you had some hints on prices . How much to charge pre hour%3F What the different cost would be. I am already a clown and I wanty to Make a business of it. Please Email to Kathleen@Manam

   Jacob Patches Albers
   on 1/25/1998 said
   Thanks for putting your clown online. I love your pages. Keep up the great work
The SOS Clowns Homepage

   Roger Lowe DING DONG
   on 1/29/1998 said
   Read your BIO thank you for helping the Red Cross.
I was once a RED CROSS Clown in El Paso. Still Looking
for the Founder R C the Clown I still perform to orphanages around the WORLD. Thank you for your JOY

   Dave Dexter The Clown Grams
   on 3/4/1998 said
   Very nice page wish I had your artistic abilities.KEEP CLOWNING