What is the hardest part about taking a test?

                    The answer


Why did the teacher have to wear her sun glass all the time?   

          Her students were very bright.


Which side of the schoolhouse does a tree grow best?         On the outside.


If snakes went to school, what would their

favorite subject be?                Hissss-tory


Why did they bury the school bus?

       The battery was dead, the piston were

       shot, and the engine died.


What classroom table doesn’t have any legs?

         The multiplication table


What kind of test is the most painful?

          a blood test


What do you call a student whose library books are overdue?

           A book keeper


Why are kindergarten teachers so good? 

   They know how to make little things count.


What is white when it is dirty, but black when it is clean?            A blackboard


In what school do you learn to greet people?

        HI School

Why did the class clown give Susie a dog biscuit?

              Because she was the teachers pet.


Why did the class clown throw a bucket of

water off the top of the school?

        He wanted to make a big splash in front

        of his friends.


Why did the class clown throw the clock

out of the window?             

        He wanted time to fly.